Miguel Cifuentes-Jara

Dr. Cifuentes is the current Director of the Ecosystems Management Research Chair at CATIE (a research and graduate education center in Costa Rica). He is a lead author of the recently released IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and the Cryosphere in a Changing Climate, author of various publications (including the “Climate Change ABC for Mesoamerica” text book). Since 2011, he has spearheaded blue carbon science and promoted policy instruments across Central America and the Caribbean and is a member of the International Blue Carbon Initiative Science Working Group (led by CI, IUCN, and IOC-UNESCO). He regularly offers technical support to governments across Latin America for developing and implementing climate action responses through sustainable landscapes. He has consulted for FAO, the World Bank, IDB, ECLAC, EUROCLIMA, UN-REDD, UNDP, GIZ, among others. He received his PhD in Environmental Sciences (with an Ecology Concentration) from Oregon State University.

What is his role in CORESCAM?

Miguel Cifuentes analyzes the spatio-temporal covariance of coastal-marine ecosystems stability across the landscape complex (across coral reefs and mangrove forests to the adjacent land matrix) under a dynamics of increasing extreme atmospheric events.

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