Juan Mendoza_Manglares_CINVESTAV

Juan E. Mendoza-Martínez

Juan E. Mendoza is a biologist and Master of Science from CINVESTAV. His work has been related to the analysis of images using remote sensors and autonomous unmanned vehicles (UAVs) for the monitoring of different objects of interest, such as vegetation cover, soils, hydrology and submerged aquatic vegetation. He has experience in Blue Carbon both from “in situ” assessments and spatial changes of mangrove and seagrass covers, as well as assessments of the resilience of seagrasses to the impacts of natural events (red seas). He has experience in the creation and edition of thematic carbon, landscape and spatial analysis maps focused on the ordering and characterization of the territory using GIS tools such as ArcGis, QGis, Envi, Erdas Imagine; and he has experience in handling and analyzing data with Paquetería R.

What is his role in CORESCAM?

At CORESCAM he carries out activities related to the construction of databases and spatial analysis related to changes in mangrove cover. He is a collaborator whose hiring is from sources from other projects of the Primary Production Laboratory of CINVESTAV, Mérida Unit.

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