Reymundo B. Ku May

Reymundo B. Ku May is a Biologist. Since he was a student, he has dedicated himself to bird watching (ornithofauna) and to participate in multiple research projects at CINVESTAV, Mérida Unit. He is currently conducting the analysis of the avifauna of the northern Yucatan wetlands and their characteristics, trying to identify the impact that the extreme events of 2020 had on the aquatic bird community. Despite his youth, he has received recognition for his extensive knowledge of the birds of the Yucatan Peninsula, which has led him to give workshops in relation to ornithofauna, and for sharing bird records on the Ebird platform in Mexico.

What is his role in CORESCAM?

At CORESCAM he coordinates bird sampling in the coastal wetlands of northern Yucatán, as well as the incorporation of data and information into databases. He is a collaborator whose hiring is from sources from other projects of the CINVESTAV Primary Production Laboratory, Mérida Unit.

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