Cibele Hummel do Amaral

Cibele is a Forest Engineering and Doctor in Geoscience. She is professor of Remote Sensing and Geoprocessing at the Department of Forest Engineering of the Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV), in Brazil, since 2015. Nowadays, she is spending her sabbatical leave as a Visiting Research Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA GSFC) and, in the past, has been Visiting Scholar at other international institutions such as the Queensland Center for Advanced Technologies of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), in 2012, and the Department of Geography of the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), in 2013. She has also held a postdoctoral position at the Brazilian Institute for Space Research (INPE) in 2015. Her researches focus on tropical ecosystems monitoring, tree species mapping, and plant functional and structural traits estimation from remote sensing data, in order to understand the vegetation responses to the environment and roles in service provision. At CORESCAM, she is studying the compound effects of climate extreme events and human activities on the short-term and long-term responses of the Central America forests, mostly mangroves.

What is her role in CORESCAM?

At CORESCAM he is studying the compound effects of extreme climatic events and human activities on the short- and long-term responses of the forests of Central America, mainly mangroves.

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